Seven Quilting Shortcuts

Do you love quilting, but it doesn’t seem like you can find the time to have fun with your favorite hobby?

Here are some shortcuts to get you quilting and finishing your projects.

1. Reduce the size of your quilt

If you are someone who quilts queen-size quilts, try quilting a lap-size one for your next project. If you are a lap-size quilter, how about quilting a baby quilt? Baby quilt person? Then try finishing a miniature quilt. This will reduce your quilting time while also getting in your fix. And before you say that you don’t like miniature quilts, they make wonderful cubicle art for your favorite office worker. They can be hung with thumb tacks.

2. Use Fusible Batting

Instead of basting your quilt sandwich together with needle and thread, try some other options. I love using fusible batting. As long as you have an iron, you are in business. The heat from the iron will fuse the three pieces together. You’ll have to check the manufacturer’s instructions, but the glue comes out when it is washed. Other basting choices are to use quilt basting spray or safety pins.

3. Go back to Tried n True Patterns

Patterns you have pieced before are like old friends. There are no blips in the pattern. There is no stopping to re-read the directions. You’ll be able to piece these quilt tops easily and quickly. If you want something different, try using different types of fabric for the quilt pattern or a different layout of the blocks.

4. Take Advantage of Strip-Piecing Techniques

Stick to projects where you can use strip piecing techniques. These allow you to chain stitch assembly-line style. It is also easier to cut out the pieces for these projects because you can just use a rotary cutter and mat. You’ll save time cutting your fabric and piecing your quilt top.

5. Use Purchased Binding

You either have time or money. When you want to save time, try purchased quilt binding instead of making your own. This tactic will only work if you can find binding that will match your project. This shortcut works best on with baby quilting projects that call for vibrant colors.

6. Finish your quilt with mock binding

Mock binding is using the quilt’s backing as part of the binding. It looks nice and makes finishing quilt a snap. Also, if you don’t secure the edges, you have a built in sleeve to hang your quilts.

7. Plan your quilting in 15 minute increments.

Set your timer and go. You can get some serious chain stitching done in 15 minutes and you can surely find 15 minutes in your schedule for your favorite hobby.

Well, there you go. Using these tips will make it easier for you to finish your projects.